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Census Records

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1834 -- From the List of Male Jews Entitled to Reside in Hasenpoth/Aizpute 1834, LDS Roll Number 1344282, page 1374.

Taken from material microfilmed in the Riga Archives in 1941 from a database of over 1,000 male Jews lawfully entitled to reside in Hasenpoth (now Aizpute), Latvia. Jewish males of all ages are listed, but the names of women or female children were not recorded. The buildings in the town were given numbers, and these numbers are in the database, but there was no convention of using street names in 1834. The Perelmanns lived in House #91. Sheye, age 58 (father's name=Lewin), lived with 6 sons, his infant grandson, and his brother, Abraham, age 53, and Abraham's two sons. The columns in the list are: Number; Surname, Given Name, Father's Name; Age (in 1834); House #. [See JewishGen's All Latvia Database's Explanation of the list .]

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