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Most Wanted

 Elusive People

Who was Yitzhak Yosef Seibel's father (our "missing link")?

We believe that Yitzhak Yosef Seibel's father was actually Yecheskal Seibel, the father of Moshe Tzvi, thus making Yitzhak Yosef and Moshe Tzvi brothers. As of now, we have no documentation to prove this. However, his son, Hersch Melech (Herman) Seibel, married a very close cousin, Moshe Tzvi's granddaughter, Lena Seibel (a "German cousin" according to her nephew, Bernardo Seibel). If Yecheskal was actually Yitzhak Yosef's father, then Herman and Lena would have been first cousins once removed. If instead his father was a brother of Yecheskal, then they would have been second cousins once removed, not "very close."
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 Mystery Photos

Old man and young girl in Belchatow, Poland (before 1910) -- Who are they?

This photograph was provided by Lester Bilsky, who found it in his father Nathan's belongings after his death. On the back of the photograph "Przybylskis in Belchatow" is written. The photo most likely was taken before 1910. The man may be Hersz Wolf Przybylski, born in 1834. Who is the girl?