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101 Death record states that he was 58 years old when he died in February 1843. PIASKOWSKI, Eyzyk (I154)
102 Declaration of Intent for citizenship was filed on September 28, 1897. His address in NYC was listed at 5 Jackson Street. In that declaration he said that he had arrived in US in September 1893.

Petition for Citizenship was filed on October 3, 1902. In that document he said that he was born in Russia in October 1866. A witness, David Shaughnessy, testified that Harris Anderer [sic] had lived in the US (at least) since 1895, currently lived at 5 Jackson Street, and was a "cutter" by occupation. In the same document, the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District of New York ordered that he be admitted to be a Citizen of the USA.
AMDURER, Harris (I90)
103 Died age 13-14, on a trip to visit his father (after divorce) GREBINER, George (I906)
104 Died during WWII. URBACH, Shepsl (I1886)
105 died erev Rosh Hashanah 5702 (29 Elul 5702, or 11 Sep 1942) KATZ, Aaron (I2867)
106 Died in Holocaust 1940-1945. URBACH, Abram Jakub (I258)
107 Died young SZULDMAN, Child 1 (I2434)
108 Died young SZULDMAN, Child 2 (I2435)
109 digital photo of record Source (S104)
110 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PERLMAN, Radia (I667)
111 Ellis Island records indicate that he lived in Liverpool for 8 weeks before leaving on the SS Majestic and that he was 18 years old (instead of 20). PERLMAN, Raphael (I575)
112 Elsie had one child by a previous marriage. Family F14369
113 Emigrated from Russia via England. Boarded the SS New York in Southampton, England on March 4, 1905 and arrived at Ellis Island on March 13, 1905. The ship manifest lists him as a "butcher" (?) and says that he was going to join his brother, Max Leibowitz, 40 Canal Street, who paid for his passage.
LIEBOWITZ, Karl (Kive) (I1201)
114 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SEIBEL, Charles (I2391)
115 Enrique emigrated to Brazil with his father in 1925, when he was 16. SEIBEL, Henrique (Herman) (I1774)
116 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MOKOTOFF, Gary (I1514)
117 Gave age as 56 on ship register when she came to US in 1904 and as 73 in January 1920 census (confirming 1847 birthdate).
GORDON, Fredricka (Feige) (I95)
118 Gordon Memorial Chapel at 328 East Houstin Street in New York, NY
Permit Number 3801
Shlomo lived with his niece Sarah Seibel Wexler at 182 Broome Street, New York City, NY. 
SEIBEL, Shlomo (Salomon) (I1402)
119 Handwritten extract from Wegrow archives. Source (S125)
120 Handwritten extract from Wegrow archives. Source (S122)
121 Handwritten extract from Wegrow archives. Source (S123)
122 Handwritten extract from Wegrow archives. Source (S131)
123 He and his son, Max, married sisters (Solomon's second wife); his was the younger of the two. PRZYBYLSKI (BILSKY), Solomon (Szlama) (I1240)
124 He came to the USA with his parents as refugees from the Hungarian revolution. KATZ, Peter (I2860)
125 He left his pregnant wife and four children in the Ukraine until he could send for them (8 years later). GARBER, Osher (I3467)
126 He listed his birthdate as 15 Sep 1890 on his WWI Draft Registration in 1917, but he listed it as 30 Sep 1890 when he applied for Social Security in 1954-1956. MILLER, Bernard (I957)
127 He listed his birthdate as 16 May 1880 when he applied for US naturalization in 1926. However, when he applied for Social Security, he listed it as 7 May 1880. DESOW (DESAU), Hyman (Chaim) (I3092)
128 He may also have been known as Joseph. SEIBEL, Shmuel Zvi (I1762)
129 He may have been buried in Mount Ararat Cemetery. SEIBEL, Shmuel Zvi (I1762)
130 He traveled alone as "Josef Mintz" on the SS Scandinavian (which departed from Antwerp, Belgium and Southampton, England), arriving at the port of Quebec on July 21, 1920. His destination was his father's home at 294 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Quebec, Canada. We do not know whether he boarded in Antwerp or Southampton. MINTZ, Izak Jozef (Joe) (I3089)
131 He was 5 years old when he died. According to the family, his birth certificate was given over to his brother Michael, who was called Jacob Michael (Yakov Meyer). SEIBEL, Jacob M. (I2394)
132 He was in the jewelry business and sold Harris (Harry) Andurer the
diamond that he gave Lena as an engagement ring (to hock if they ever
needed the money). 
BUSSELL, David (I723)
133 Hebrew name: Shraga Feivel SILVERMAN, Philip (I761)
134 Her age was listed as 18 which puts her birth at about 1891-92. She was working as a servant at Brooklyn Ward 26, Kings County, NY. She lived with Charles and Fannie Brand, their 2 young children, Gertrude and Esther. SEIBEL, Ida Shaindel (I1329)
135 Her age was listed as 72 when she died in 1933. GORDON, Ella (Elke, Pesse) (I2017)
136 Her age was listed as 85 when she died, making her birthdate in 1858-1859. However she was registered as age 4 in the Latvian census (Revision List) for 1858, which means she at least looked like a four-year-old then.
GORDON, Hannah (I561)
137 Her granddaughter, Janice Kronen Steele, says that the birthdate was March 6, but the year could have been a year prior or later. COLLISON, Gladys Irene (I2750)
138 Her name is listed as "Bessie," age 10, in the 1930 US Federal Census. ALSTER, Barbara ("Bobbie") (I1419)
139 His address is the Lodz Ghetto was Zimmer Strasse 5 then Sulzfelder Strasse 7, Flat 63. PIASKOWSKI, Jakob (I3036)
140 His age was listed as 80 years old when he died on 12 Jan 1937. GORDON, Robert (Ruben) (I2016)
141 His birth record says he was born on February 12, but his mother claims it is wrong and reflects the circumcision date not the birthdate.
MOKOTOFF, Jack (I768)
142 His first name is listed as "Bernard" in 1920 census. PERLMAN, Benjamin (I604)
143 His gravestone (erroneously) lists his birthdate as 1 April 1867. PRZYBYLSKI (BILSKY), Solomon (Szlama) (I1240)
144 His gravestone has his name as Jacob Michael (Yakov Meir in Hebrew) because, when his brother Jacob died at 5 years of age, he was given his birth certificate. SEIBEL, Michael (Meyer) (I549)
145 His WWI draft registration claims he was born on 19 OCT 1873. AUERBACH (URBACH), Rubin (I1867)
146 His Yiddish name was Shmuel Akivah; his "nickname" was a shortened form, Kive (pronounced "Ki-veh"). In the US, his first name is spelled differently on different documents -- Karl/Carl, Karol, and Kive/Kiwe. The family name is also spelled differently on different documents -- Leibowitz, Liebowitz, and Lewowicz (pronounced Levovitch). According to Kive, the name was pronounced "Levovitch" or "Lebovitch" in Russian Yiddish -- a patronymic, meaning son of Lev or Leib ("Layb"). LIEBOWITZ, Karl (Kive) (I1201)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F14613
148 Household split over two census pages: click to display Second ImageFamily F1850
149 Household split over two census pages: click to display Second ImageFamily F1851
150 Hymie's name in Europe was Cohen. Apparently he changed his name to Sandler. COHEN/SANDLER, Hyman (I2919)

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